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Quigley Ranch Mediation Notes April 24, 2023

Mediation -Public Comment Letters 

Quigley Ranch Mediation Statement to the Public

 On March 1, 2023, Quigley Farm & Conservation Community, LLC, requested mediation of their planned unit development Application pursuant to Idaho Code Section 67-6510.  After careful consideration, the Blaine County Board of Commissioners agreed to participate in mediation.  

During this mediation process, no decision will be reached. Under Idaho Code, any determination, action, vote, or final disposition cannot be made in a non-public setting and without the presence of the full board. See I.C. § 74-202(1).  Concerns regarding the Application will be discussed, but there will be no promises given or discussions made as to whether the application will be approved or denied.  Any material changes (if any changes are made) to the Application will be considered by way of revisions to the application, which will then be considered by the full Board in the public hearing process.  If no changes are made, then the Application will return to the Board “as is” for deliberations in a public hearing.  

The first mediation session will be closed to the public, and only one commissioner will attend. An individual will take notes of what transpires in the mediation sessions, and those notes will become part of the public record, allowing the Commissioner to disclose what generally transpired at the next public hearing. The Board highly values the public process, and that process will not be hindered as a result of this mediation. As stated above, no decision will be reached during the mediation process, and further public hearings will occur.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2023 

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