Patrol Teams

We currently have two patrol teams: County Patrol and Ketchum Patrol. The County Patrol Team is responsible for law enforcement in all the unincorporated areas of Blaine County. The Ketchum Patrol Team is responsible for law enforcement inside the City of Ketchum with whom we contract to provide our services. 

The men and women assigned to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Teams perform the most visible and recognizable functions at the Sheriff’s Office. Patrol Officers are commonly seen performing traffic enforcement, responding to an accident, or a citizen’s call for assistance. Blaine County Patrol Deputies must respond to and successfully handle a very large variety of calls which may include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Crash scene investigations
  • Crimes in Progress
  • Domestic Violence Situations
  • BLM and Forest Service backcountry Patrol
  • Marine Patrol
  • Medical Assistance Calls
  • Mentally Disturbed Individuals
  • Missing Persons/Lost Children
  • Other Agency Requests for Assistance
  • Snowmobile Patrol
  • Special Traffic Enforcement Detail
  • Suicides
  • Thefts, Burglary, Scams, and Fraud

In addition, we have deputies on special assignments within the department:

  • Animal Control
  • Civil Processing
  • Investigations
  • Narcotics Enforcement Team
Snow Patrol